How much do you read

 I don’t believe it when someone says they read a book a day
 They could skim books and read reviews but even then I doubt they do it every day
 When I read a book I read it cover-to-cover and it takes me two weeks on average
 Most of my books are audio books but regardless of whether it’s audio or hard copy the average is 8 hours per book
We can fill our heads with information from books but it’s how we apply that knowledge is where it means something to us
What’s just as important of having knowledge is knowing when to use that knowledge
 Also the execution of techniques is critical
 It’s like comparing strategy to tactics
 You must be good at both to win the war
 I use my dance analogy that people need to practice the dance techniques they learned in dance class otherwise they’ve wasted their time
 Likewise if all they do is dance and they never take any classes they’re extremely slow and learning anything new
If knowledge was all you needed to become successful then there will be a direct correlation to IQ and wealth but there is not
 I want to find the secret ingredient to success
 I want to study what true success is
 How does one seek that out?