We bond with the contemporary music, movies, pop culture, and other things when we are in our prime – usually teens or early 20’s. As we get older we find it more difficult to associate with new things. Technology gets harder to operate. Have you ever seen grandpa try to program the DVR? Well, I have yet to figure out how to get the VCR to stop blinking 12:00. Wait a sec, I don’t own a VCR anymore, and most people under 30 barely remember tape as a medium of recording. Most young people use optical disks, thumb drives, solid state memory internal to our devices, and the cloud. We stream music online, we watch TV and movies from web sites more than ever now. Some day the broadcast TV (cable, satellite, and over the air) will be permanently retired and probably replaced by data streaming.

I am all for modernity. As things evolve they get better. I think digital music is much better than an 8-track or cassette tape. On demand downloading of music, books, and movies is awesome.

My brother co-hosts today’s podcast as we talk about how we associate with things such as music, movies, and culture with memories and phases of our lives. As we progress forward the only thing that remains the same is change. Culture changes, genres of entertainment changes, times change. We think these kids today have no respect, and the culture of our younger days was the best. Sometimes we can associate with new things, but as a general rule we find the culture of our younger years as better than today’s new one. Chances are the quality hasn’t changed as much as our opinion of it based on our memories. Since the younger people are making their original memories, they are stronger bonds. Us old farts yearn for yesteryear, and we listen to the oldies thinking that they were the good old days.