Some helpful ideas from Neural Lingusitic Programming (NLP)
The map is not the territory means that our perception of something (map) is not 100% accurate.
The real thing is he territory.
We try to make maps of things in our head so we understand them.
A limiting belief is an idea that holds us back. It is often incorrect.
Many times we get told we can’t do something, and if we choose to believe it this is a limiting belief.
You can’t fly unassisted – reality.
You can’t fly ever – limiting belief. You can fly on an airplane, hot air balloon, hang glider, etc.
Chunking is when we zoom in or out, it’s like a telescope or a microscope.
We have filters that information from the outside world must pass through to get into our brains.
There are filters that delete, distort, and generalize.
You can’t unring a bell. You can’t completely forget a fear or traumatic experience, but you can reduce it’s effect.
Think of a bad memory or fear as a glass of hot water. The temperature hurts you.
Now pour some ice cold water in the glass. The end result is warm, but not painfully hot water.
This is how to neutralize fears and bad experiences.
You can minimize the effect of a thing by imagining that it’s far away,┬ásmall, black & white, and low volume.