Super Smart Guys Podcast news.
More awesome interviews coming up in the future
The podcast will focus on optimal performance. A general, neutral performance that can apply to health (fitness and nutrition), relationships (dating and friendships), and wealth (career and finance).
Youtube channel will be getting more videos.
More to come with the web site – the blog will have pore posts.
Prepare for any event. Prepping for all occasions.
Creativity and the brain.
I have my most creative moments when I am falling asleep and when I first wake up. This can sometimes cause me to not get to bed for 1 or 2 hours. I could force mental quite to fall asleep but I like the ideas flowing.
I heard people talking about Buddhist meditation and how that can be used to become more creative.
I have a theory that these mental states cause the conscious brain to go less active and allow the unconscious to become more active. Then the unconscious brain flows and creates ideas in a parallel manner while the conscious brain is alert just enough to observe the ideas and remember them (or allow dictation to a journal).
I use an audio recording journal on my smartphone. I.e. Smart Voice Recorder for Android.
7 ways to optimize your brain article:
Fish oil not as effective as fish itself:
Major in the right field to make more money:
Self actualization and monetize vs follow your passion.
Miscellaneous notes that may lead to future podcast episodes or blog posts:
Cognitive dissonance.
Do not be outcome dependent but Do be engaged.
Arranged marriage happiness vs people select their partners.
Unrealistic expectations with partner selection.
Happy with choice – there is an optional choice, heans 6. 1 is no choice and 12 or more is too stressful.
Millennials being setup to fail because they were told they could be anything.
American trophy culture and the absence of grit.
Eliminate what doesn’t serve you.
Stop worrying about things that don’t affect your daily life. Or at least reduce the effect or time spent on it.
Entitlement and the guy who wanted to know why she didn’t give him her number.
Upcoming episode on how to get good at anything. I will roll in lessons learned from Outliers, The talent Code, Talent is Overrated, Thinking Fast and Slow, Mastery, When I Stop Talking You Will Know I’m Dead, etc.