What is holding you back in life?

We will discuss 2 methods to overcome anxiety and fear.

How riding a roller-coaster can set you free?

The anticipation is worse than the thing itself

The anxiety of anticipation is paralyzing

This prevents us from doing many things in life

Get more reference experiences under your belt

This isn’t so bad

This is really bad but I can survive it

Suck it up cupcake

Feel the fear and do it anyway

How many things in your life are you not doing now?

Two ways to deal with this

Cognitive therapy

I am ok

This isn’t real

Others do this and are ok

Exposure therapy

Start off a little at a time

Increase intensity over time

Like a vaccination


Big fears present themselves and are hard to miss

Subtle fears are more sinister

They hide in the shadows

You need to know you have a problem before you can solve it

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