Automate your daily prep – Automate your life. Systematize repetitive and mundane tasks. Save your will power for the important stuff.

Eliminate electronic (smart phone) notifications except for the most urgent ones. Prioritize notifications and only let people use those (like phoen call or text) when it is an emergency.

Batching similar tasks. Take all the tasks that are similar and do them all in a row. This is like the assembly line for manufacturing where you get into the swing of a task then knock them all out in a row. This minimizes context switching which will distract, slow you down, and cause mistakes if done too frequently or too quickly.

Invest in coaching. 1 on 1 coaching with an A-list coach is big money if you can even get their time. So try to do that, but in the mean time join or start a mastermind or accountability group. And read books. A book is a summary of a persons work or experience. This is tremendously valuable. Also try to get a mentor. Work your way up. You can coach yourself by reading, watching YouTube, taking university classes and going to seminars.

The Productive Person productivity hacks card deck must have been a limited time offer because I can’t find it on the Inter-webs. I had it for years. There is an e-book on amazon by the Productive Person. I have it. It’s not the cards. So the best I can do is to go over all the cards in quick tips Thursday on the Super Smart Guy Podcast. The cards are brief and we can run through all 52 fairly quickly. These tips are common productivity hacks and can definitely help. It makes for a good run through many ways to increase your performance with health, wealth, and relationships.