I struggle sometimes with the show because I want to deliver the best content possible to you.
It’s hard because occasionally I see that others have said the same thing before, so why bother.
It’s very rare that anyone says something for the first time.
But just because someone said it doesn’t mean that you heard it.
And even if you heard it, did it have the impact you needed?
Some people speak to you more effectively than others.
Sometimes it takes 3,4,5 times for you to hear it before it can resonate.
Sometimes the 5th time you hear it you are finally at the right place in your life for it to have impact.

Often contemporaries will concurrently arrive at the same ideas or inventions.
Example: Tesla vs. Edison
Contemporaries have the same resources so the differences between them is small.
Technology and knowledge drives invention.
We make small contributions to the world.
But that is how wisdom advances, slow incremental growth.
If you don’t invent something then someone else will.
Who can see the solution first?
Let’s say you discover a cure for cancer. Now lets say you were never born and someone else discovers the same cure, but 6 months later. Your contribution would have been the same as the other person, with the exception that you did it 6 months earlier. Now lets look at how many people will die in that 6 month period. Let’s say a thousand people. Not that many in the global perspective of 7 billion people. But still, to one of those thousand people you made all the difference in the world.
We all can’t be like a superstar musician or actor and have many millions of followers. But we can make a huge impact on some people.Don’t discount your impact on the world.

You are one in 7 billion. Imagine 7 billion people carrying the same object. If you let go, or if you push on it with all you have, does it change the result of your effort? Think tug of war.
If my existence doesn’t matter then screw it. Sit home and do nothing. But wait, if it doesn’t matter then I am free to so anything I want. That is infinite freedom.

All the great artists have to clean their paint brushes. I’m sure it’s not as fun as painting.
When I make espresso, for as much as I love it, the cleanup takes at least as long as the making.
With the benefit comes the work.
Just about every job has its good parts and its less desirable parts.
Sometimes we avoid the bad parts, and unfortunately don’t follow through with the task as whole.
Our avoidance of the parts we dread holds us back from success.
Example: weight loss and health. Some hate to exercise, so they avoid it. Then they never get the results.
Some people procrastinate starting on their dream for many reasons-
waiting for the right time, not ready yet, need to learn more, etc.
Imperfect action is better than no action.
You won’t get it right the first time.
It’s almost always an iterative process, improving more with each iteration.
Don’t let the unattractive part hold you back from pursuing your dream.

Burning the boats
In the year 1519 Hernán Cortés, with some 600 Spaniards, 16 or so horses and 11 boats, had landed on a vast inland plateau called, Mexico.
It’s historically disputable if Cortes actually burned the boats
Burning the boats is a metaphor for eliminating all your options except for the primary goal.
Similar to Gary Keller’s book The One Thing.
Similar to Yoda when he tells Luke “Try not, do or do not. There is no try.”
As a motivator this is powerful and effective.
A similar metaphor would be “all in” like when playing poker. However the poker analogy is similar. To be all in means you pushed all your chips into the pile and if you lose this hand you are out of the game permanently.
But strategically it’s not the best idea – limiting your options. Options let you pivot when the situation changes.