Paul Kirch, host of BOSS Academy Radio (, is passionate about helping entrepreneurs.  After all, knows what it’s like to be in the shoes of a “want to be” entrepreneur; he has lived it.  He spent many years wanting to be a business owner; but he let fear hold him back from pursuing his dreams.  That is until he reached a crossroad, where he finally took action, and made the decision to become a full-time entrepreneur and business owner. That one single decision has been the genesis responsible for of an incredible journey of personal fulfillment and financial success. No longer does he strive to have the characteristics of an entrepreneur, since he embodies them every day. This site is dedicated to fulfilling his passion of helping others achieve success as entrepreneurs.


He currently serves as CEO at the firm he founded, Actus Sales Intelligence.  A firm dedicated to helping its clients ‘sell smarter’,  they are dedicated to helping small and mid-size businesses achieve success by implementing better sales processes, targeted marketing efforts, and clearly defined business strategies that work.  While he still serves as CEO, his greatest passion is helping others become free.  Helping them achieve freedom from the mental and financial bondage of their J.O.B.S. (just over broke situation) to pursue their dream and goal of business ownership.

Paul founded BOSS Academy to give back and help those on an entrepreneurial journey.  Inspiring entrepreneurs is not just a passion for him, it’s his mission.  After all, he knows what it feels like to have a career where you feel unhappy and unfulfilled.  If you think everyone hates their job and that it’s acceptable to live that way, think again.  It doesn’t have to be that way and it should not be an acceptable situation to you.  Follow your dreams and live the life you want.  If being an entrepreneur is your dream and goal in life, then stop living in a “someday” world and start taking action today, it all begins with a decision at this moment.  Don’t worry; you don’t have to go it alone. is here to provide you tools and direction from real-world, proven experience (this stuff works!).  In addition, through exclusive insider interviews, he’s going to introduce you to other entrepreneurs who have paved the way before you. In addition, he’ll share with you the resources and tools that he discovers, refines and leverages, providing you unbiased, real-world reviews and specific instructions.  All of this will give you the success shortcuts and functional secrets that are invaluable.  This information can make you millions and save you years of learning; giving you the kind of insider information you simply can’t put a price tag on.  Join Paul Kirch at BOSS Academy where he provides you real business ownership success strategies.  If you’re on an entrepreneurial journey, let BOSS Academy be the last BOSS you’ll ever need.