This podcast episode is more of an commentary than instructional. I discuss how our ancestors had a much healthier lifestyle when it came to diet and exercise. Obesity and sedentary lifestyle is at an all-time high. Modernity has stripped exercise from our daily routine. Diet has suffered as now we are faced with a predominance of processed foods, excessive salt, sugar, and fat, and we have to deal with pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, and steroids in our food supply. There are many sinister and silent health issues caused by these elements.

We can reinsert exercise into our daily routines by using a treadmill desk, taking frequent exercise breaks, and adopting exercise related pastimes. We can also make healthier food decisions by choosing more whole foods over processed foods, and when we are forced into a restaurant situation we can choose high fiber, lean meats, and vegetables over the greasy burgers, french fries, and 64 oz soft drinks.

Here is a link to the family that went organic for 2 weeks:

Be careful about how food is advertised. Not all organic food is truly organic. Until this is fully regulated by the FDA or other authority, anyone can advertise anything. Always investigate what you are eating.

Fantastic video on exactly the problem with our modern diet.