This is part 2 of our awesome conversation. We get right into body language, dating, how a man can project his masculine presence in an interaction and more. Orion talks (from personal experience) about what a woman wants from the woman’s perspective.  She goes on to talk about how to have a healthy relationship, and a whole lot more! Good stuff.

Orion Talmay is a Life Transformation Coach, Fitness Expert and a Professional Speaker. She works with fun, smart, successful women and helps them live the life they deserve in a body they love and awaken their feminine genius. Her mission is to light people up and empower them to empower the world. She is the founder of Orion’s Method and Vibrant Body Bootcamp. Her coaching programs are designed to unlock one’s blocks and unleash one’s best self. Orion’s Method is a holistic approach to wellness working with the physical, mental and spiritual aspects to create total transformation. The system breaks through the barriers of the subconscious mind through NLP and hypnotic techniques. Orion is a world traveler who has learned from leading luminaries in personal development, health/wellness and spirituality. She is a graduate of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University, and has studied with Dr. John Demartini, Robert Allen, Oneness University, Landmark Education, Success Academy, Speaking Empire, Peak Potentials, and Blackbelt. Her fitness skills are in yoga, weight training, kickboxing, MMA, Krav Maga, and dance. She’s held certifications with the AAPT, KBA, and AFFA. Orion is writing her first book about transformational change.

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