I originally planned to record a review of the Tony Robbins movie I Am Not Your Guru. Then I got the idea to have my friend Nida on the show to talk about her experience with the Tony Robbins seminars. We talked for long enough about it so the entire show is my discussion with Nida. To sum it up with Tony Robbins movie I Am Not Your Guru, it’s a glimpse into his seminar Date With Destiny. You can only see it by streaming it on Netflix. Do it. This documentary is highly recommended. If you don’t have Netflix then get it (streaming) or visit a friend with popcorn and soda and have a movie night. It’s totally worth the experience.


Nida Kazmi is an entrepreneur, connection connoisseur and philanthropist with a relentless dedication to helping you become the person you most want to be. With a Masters in Psychology and certification in Human Interaction technology, building relationships and connections are her expertise in the playground of the art of cultivating leadership through congruence and influence.