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Remove the obstacle from your path to your goal. (strategy)
Root cause analysis, ask why each time to dig deeper into the reason why something is what it is. (a tool to help)
Make the behavior habitual. (BJ Fogg)
     Like what you do. (motivation)
     Make it easier.
Change your behavior
Change your attitude
Put things on autopilot
The vision goal is the end goal. It can be really big and not achievable in one step.
Break down the vision goal into a series of smaller goals, like rungs on a ladder.
Make sure you goals are measurable so you know when they are reached.
Also put a time limit on each goal.
Some popular New Years resolutions
– Lose Weight and Get Fit
– Eat Healthier and Diet
– Quit Smoking
– Get Out of Debt and Save Money
– Spend More Time with Family
– Travel more
– Reduce Stress
– Volunteer
– Drink Less
– Spend less time on social media/TV/video games
– Learn a new language
– Learn a musical instrument
– Get more sleep
– Improve relationship
– Improve career/go to school
Book: Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert M. Sapolsky