I am happy to have Manny Wolfe on the show today to talk about his new book,

The Tao of the Unbreakable Man!

The Art Of Charismatic Communication is the answer to the question of why we are all feeling so disconnected from each other? In today’s fast-paced, “Tips, Tricks, and Hacks” world, where everyone is moving a hundred miles an hour in their own direction, the person who can capture the attention of others and really connect in a meaningful way, stands out like a beacon. Whether you want to become a better public speaker, present better in your job, or just be able to experience deeper connection in your personal relationships, being a masterful communicator is essential, and there is no finer person that can help you than Manny Wolfe. Check out his web site for products and coaching.

More about his book:

“I found myself living with a hooker, buying and selling drugs and slowly rotting in Chico” Born in a hippy commune in Berkeley, California, during the notorious ‘Summer of Love’, Emmanuel Wolfe’s childhood, was marked by violence, brainwashing, drug abuse, and worst of all, no guidance. Drifting from place to place and job to job, unable to settle, living a life steadily becoming utterly out of control, he ended up a hopeless, homeless deadbeat, addicted to drink and drugs, on a dizzying downward spiral, smashing down to rock bottom. Emmanuel Wolfe was able to turn his life around. This story is nothing less than a testament to what can be achieved with the power of self-belief to create a better future. Now he works with people all over the world who want to transform their lives through communication mastery, mindset mastery and internal transformation. His story is nothing less than a testament to what we can achieve when we never give up belief in ourselves and our ability to create our reality.

Manny’s web site is www.mannywolfe.com

Check out his book on amazon.com! https://www.amazon.com/Tao-Unbreakable-Man-Manny-Wolfe/dp/1910600059/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471918651&sr=8-1&keywords=manny+wolfe