I had the opportunity to interview Manny Wolfe, and you get to hear him in this episode talk about how impactful storytelling can be in communicating your message.

For more information and to reach Manny, visit his web site: http://thesteepside.com/

Here’s a few words from Manny about him and his business:

My name is Emmanuel Wolfe. I am an author, coach, speaker and consultant. I specialize in teaching people how to become their optimal self. If you are looking for a NewAge “Life Coach” or an Impersonal “Drill Sergeant”, I am not the Coach for you.

However, if you are ready to use proven Motivational Psychology, Neuroscience, and good old fashioned hard work to overcome the barriers between you and your optimal self, then I am your man. My approach is direct and no nonsense, and I get results. Whether it’s for one person, a small team, or an audience, if you are ready to stop making excuses and dig deep, then I want to talk to you

Our mission is: “To serve as a resource and catalyst for people trying to become better in their lives. We do this by providing tremendous value through interviews, products, and services all geared toward understanding and overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and your goals and dreams.”

The core values of “The Steep side of the Mountain” brand are:

  • Service above self: We value being of service above all else and know that through
    providing outstanding value to as many people as we can, that
    our financial bottom line will flourish
  • Integrity to all: We will exercise the highest levels of integrity in all of
    our endeavors, knowing that when we do so, we set an example
    for others to follow.
  • Promise high, deliver higher: We will always give far more than we promise, because adding
    value to the lives of others adds value to us. “The Steep Side of the Mountain” believes in the Givers Gain philosophy
  • Leave a positive legacy: In all that we do, our long term goal is to leave a legacy for
    as many people as we can. We will do this through a commitment to changing lives through our products, services, and interviews, and through philanthropic activities that we will build into our brand