It’s possible to make bad decisions and still survive, even thrive, in modernity.

If you live in a modern industrialized nation you can get by ok even when you make bad decisions as long as they are small.

Making big bad decisions isn’t so good, like jumping off the roof of a building or crossing a highway at the wrong time.

Small bad decision like not brushing your teeth today may not mean anything. But neglect to brush your teeth for years and your teeth will suffer major consequences.

Lots of small bad decisions can add up over time to be really bad.

Lots of really good decisions added up over time can be very beneficial. Example, saving money is a good decision. Saving $50 is a small and good decision. Do this many times and you will have lots of money in the bank. Do this with investments and the compound interest can double your money or more, without you ever having to do anything extra.

Example where many people are making the wrong decision: religion. If only one can be right, and this is often said by the religions themselves (our is the only right religion), then everyone else will never get into heaven. Since the largest religion on the planet is less than 2 billion people, the majority of humans are guaranteed never to get into heaven. All because they made a bad decision on choosing their religion. Kind of a silly example, but I hope you get the point.

Here is an example of bad decisions that are made even when the person knows it’s a bad decision. This is an addiction or disorder, and I would categorize this separately as something needing therapy or treatment: Alcoholism, drug use, eating disorder, behavioral disorder. My point today is to change decisions you have control over (without needing therapy).

Example of being penny wise and dollar foolish: People take dietary supplements looking for the turbo bio-hack that will give them the edge, while all along they are sleep deprived. Getting a decent sleep will provide the most impactful boost to your physical and mental abilities.