Laura Lawson is The founder and CEO of Eatology. You can find her web site at:

I am excited to have her on the show because her passion is about helping people eat healthy. Her philosophy is to use the highest quality whole foods, moderate portion size, and make the food delicious so you will want to stick to her eating plan. These meals are as convenient as a frozen meal, so there is no obstacle in the way of preparing them quickly. Freezing the food locks in freshness as well as nutrition. They arrive at your home shipped via Fedex. I asked Laruah to talk to us about herself and her mission. Here is what she had to say:


My name is Laurah Lawson, Fighting Texas Aggie Class of ‘07…Whoop!

I am from Fort Worth, Tx, but life finds me building a home in Bryan/College Station

with my 4-year old daughter, Raylie!

We enjoy cooking together and spending time at farmers markets. She loves Paleo Pizza and broccoli is her favorite veggie. When she was born on March 23, 2011, she was 9.3lbs and came out with abs, quads, and biceps. The doctors were in the delivery room taking pictures of her and asking me what in the world I had been doing to deliver a ripped baby like that! I simply told them that I eat Paleo (clean, whole foods like meats, fruits, and veggies) in Zoned portions (ultimately, science-based portion control that hormonally balances out your body).  By my birthday on May 30th (only 2 months post baby), I was back to my before-baby body (in fact, even leaner and fitter) and feeling better than ever. I contribute that to living a clean lifestyle.

The Fitness Industry

Before all that, back at the beginning of my journey,  I found my high school hobby of working out turning into something more. I found enjoyment in training people and showing them how to get the most out of their bodies through fitness. Following shortly, I got a job as a personal trainer at Gold’s Gym through college. When I graduated in ‘07, I got involved with CrossFit (which was a new way of training and eating for me) and was fortunate to open my gym.

While adjusting to CrossFit, I took a challenge to live a month on a Paleo-Zone Eating Experiment. I didn’t think that 4 weeks of tuna, broccoli, cucumbers and almonds would be that significant. I was shocked when, 5 weeks later, I had dropped 25lbs of bodyfat.

After a few years of running the gym, I found I was not fully at peace nor satisfied with my work. I silently searched for something more until…IT found ME! 


The Cooking Begins

There I was, in between clients, watching Bobby Flay on Food Network, as he whipped out an amazing meal that I thought, with tweaking, could be crafted into a perfect gourmet Paleo and Zoned version. So, into the kitchen I went to dabble…and from there a new beginning started!

It didn’t take long to discover my true passion was to be found in the art of unique food combinations (Zone) and the craft of reconstructing ingredients into meals (Paleo).

The Kitchen Studio

Eatology pioneered the paleo frontier (when not a recipe could be found online) by opening up one of the original meal delivery services, Eatology Paleo-Zone. We were the industry leader in logistics, as our packaged meals ship nationwide… to dinner tables everywhere!

The Freedom Tour

While cooking in the kitchen and running a business is enthralling…I miss meeting my clients and teaching them how to sustain a clean lifestyle for a lifetime. Now, with Eatology clients spread throughout the country, I feel I have lost my connection with them. I want to be available to support them and teach them through my experience. The next phase of my life will help close that gap. I look forward to regaining the personal connections that defined Eatology’s early years. Back on the road we go…meeting our clients face to face and spreading the love of clean eating.
Where my job is all about food…it’s actually, not at all, just about the food.