Last Thursday episode for a while.
I want to focus on getting YouTube videos out.
Will work on the web site over the holidays.

The focus of the podcast always was on self improvement and education. I want to take the branding of the podcast into this direction:

Invest in yourself.
Always be improving.
Be your best self.
Health, wealth, and relationships.
Optimize your performance.
Here are some great resources:
TED Talks
Audible audio books

All books

I believe I will continue to do interviews. But I want to focus more on solo shows and topics of interest. Book reviews where it’s a discussion about the book and not so much a cliff notes or abridged version of the book.

I’m going to take the next 3 weeks off from work. I want to use this time to reflect on where I am going in the future. Yous should too. Forget about New Years resolutions, they rarely work. They are like fad diets. What you really want to do instead is focus on your goals. What do you want to accomplish? Change behaviors long term that will guide you in the direction of where you want to go. Everything you do must be sustainable.

Why I don’t like to exchange gifts. I rarely get what I want. I spent a lot of money on crap that other people probably didn’t want. This is some sick game we need to stop doing. It’s OK to get someone something that you know they really want. Or to give a super thoughtful gift. But many people give out of guilt or because of some sense of obligation. Keeping up with the Joneses – they give gifts to everyone they know.

Save your money. Stop pissing away your hard earned cash. Put it in your 401K instead. If you want to give, find a reputable charity and donate it. If you want to do something for a friend or relative, invite them over for a board game night. Spend the day with them doing something they like to do. Fix your neighbors garage door. The holidays shouldn’t be about buying crap in stores and wrapping it up.