I had the delightful opportunity to interview the charming and talented, Jessica Taylor – my long-time improv comedy instructor. I strongly encourage everyone I meet to take an improv comedy class, wherever they live. Look it up in the classifieds, at any civic theater or community center. Learning to act in improv comedy will help you unstifle yourself, get you out of your head, and make you think fast on your feet. Skills acquired from improv comedy will make you a better leader, public speaker, and overall communicator. Improv techniques such as “yes, and” help people in a team work better together. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I did recording it. We made it up as we went along, but that’s the spirit of improv! 😉

Jessica teaches group classes and consults for businesses on a case-by-case basis. If you are ever in Melbourne, Florida, try to catch one of her Not Quite Right comedy troupe performances at the Derek Gores Art Gallery.

You can find her web site at: http://www.nqrcomedy.com

Information on the Derek Gores Art Gallery: http://derekgores.com/

Here is what Jessica has to say about improv comedy:

No script.  Pure joy.

Assembling a plane while it’s in the air:  in most scenarios, this is a terrible idea.  For improv, it’s bliss, and it’s a lot of fun to watch.

Located in Melbourne, Florida, Not Quite Right Comedy Improv Troupe specializes in family-friendly, short form and long form improv.  We take audience suggestions and incorporate them into crazy scenarios that are – with a little luck – uniquely hilarious.  We play short-form games (similar to Whose Line is it Anyway?) and we perform Harolds, which can best be described as improvised one-act plays.

One of the weird things about an improv performance is that when you try to describe something you saw to someone who wasn’t there, you end up looking like an idiot.  You just have to come see the show to appreciate the true, unbridled, ignorant bliss of it all.

This picture illustrates that shenanigans are afoot!


See picture below: I am the one on the upper-right corner. Yeah the guy with the peace sign over my head. These improv comedians are jokesters, and the most fun people you could possibly hang out with. This is a small gathering of the many improv’ers that attend Jessica’s classes on a regular basis. And new people are constantly dropping in as they learn about the benefits of improv.