James Tew On Building Relationships and Standing Out in a Crowd Using Video

I first discovered James and his work on Facebook. We connected immediately and clicked as like-minded people both searching for excellence and our purpose in life. James is a video genius. Go check out his videos on YouTube:


James Tew is an Australian entrepreneur who is making waves in the video world by helping
entrepreneurs build relationships and grow the courage and confidence to build their
brand with video.

Having served over 7 years in the Australian Navy, James has extensive experience in developing
people to reach new heights. His time in the Navy has instilled vital skills and personality
traits that drive him to help others achieve their goals.

In 2014, James set up a conference because he wanted a challenge. In 8 weeks, James
planned and executed a conference in his hometown of Canberra, Australia. Wondering
what he could conquer next, James started a podcast and to this day still publishes a show
once a week.

However, a chronicle sufferer of shiny object syndrome, James has jumped from project to
project. Considering this a blessing and a curse, he has found his home with video and helping
others eradicate unimportant distractions and achieve their goals.

His show, A Dad’s Mission for Success quickly amassed over 13,000 views in the last month.
With his unique style of Aussie humor and ability to make the complicated things seem
simple, James has grown an audience that is not only engaged but striving for success.
Seeing his potential, Entrepreneur.com’s Entrepreneur Network recently picked James up as
a content partner seeing his reach drastically increase throughout the world.

When he is not drinking coffee to stay awake, James can be found dancing to music with his
daughters, out exploring the natures of this world or perhaps chilling on the couch with his
equally tired wife.