In today’s episode I interview sharing economy entrepreneur and angel investor Ivan Raiklin.

Ivan Raiklin is a voracious learner and executor.  After finishing his law degree he served in the military as an Army Attache (diplomat) in Eastern Europe, became a Green Beret serving in Central and South America and when he completed his time as a detachment commander transitioned to become a Sharing Economy Entrepreneur, Angel Investor in, advisor to and other startups in the DC Tech Scene.

Ivan hosts 9 shows on Blab found at from a “Startup Mastermind” to “Where Nothing is Foreign” and several in other languages.  He hustles more efficiently than Gary Vaynerchuk, learns faster than Tim Ferriss, is about to break out as an Angel Investor to the tune of Chris Sacca, and is positioning to become the Jason Calacanis of the Washington DC startup scene.

Former Lawyer, Green Beret, turned entrepreneur, investor, polyglot, and now Blabber, Ivan is trying to meet as many people on the planet as possible to create meaningful & value added relationships.  The best way he has found to do this is by having the “gift of Blab”.

Tune in at find him on twitter @raiklin or text Raiklin to 33444 and he will send updates on his endeavors.