•  Who is the mid life crisis guy?
  • Why am I doing a podcast?
  • How it will help you.

What is mid-life? It’s the point in life where we are old enough to take our future seriously and yet young enough to still do something about it. The crisis happens when it just hits us one day. We can’t pull all-nighters and drink like we use to. When we work out hard, we are sore longer and it takes more time to heal. Some people need reading glasses for the first time. We know more people who are passing away. I am not sure if this is happening more often now that we are at mid-life, or if we are just more sensitive to it because we are more mature. Our kids are old enough to be adults now. They grow up and move out, graduate college, and get married. Some mid-lifers even become grandparents, now that’s a hell of a life change.

Have you ever wondered, once you are gone, what will be your legacy? The years go by fast, I never thought about what it would be like once I reached this point in my life.

If tomorrow was your last day on this earth, could you look back on your life and say that you did everything you wanted? That you accomplished all your goals? That you lived a completely fulfilling life? I know for sure I wouldn’t feel that way. The key here is to live life 2 ways at the same time. The first is that you have only 1 day left to live. What would you do? I bet those daily problems get really small, and the things that really matter most comes to the forefront. You would stop to smell the roses, spend more time with loved ones, do the things you always wanted to do but put them off because you felt it wasn’t the best time to do it. You would live life like the Tim McGraw song – Live Like You Were Dying.

Now imagine if you could live to be a 100. Notice I didn’t say would, I said could. There’s a big difference between the two. If you were guaranteed to live to be 100, you wouldn’t need to do anything like healthy living or saving money. You would feel that you were entitled to the longevity, and you wouldn’t work for it. I kind of feel that’s what young people feel like – that 100 is a guarantee, or that they simply don’t look that far ahead.

But if I said you could live to be 100, but you need to work for it, what would you do then? What you do different? I’m sure you would take better care of yourself, but what does that mean? I bet you would eat healthier, exercise more, and quit doing those self-destructive things people are prone to do. You would save money and invest more, hell you need to fund living expenses for several more decades – that doesn’t come for free!

I think mid-life is a time where we sense that we need to be more serious about the future, we need to make sure that we are secure in finance and in health.

In this podcast I want to share with you the things I’ve learned about health, wealth, and relationships.

We will discuss topics on nutrition and fitness. There are a lot of ways to eat right, and a lot of ways to eat wrong. We will dive into the right ways to eat. There’s a lot of talk about paleo and vegan, supplements, organic, grass fed, GMO, and whole foods. We will discuss many topics in detail. Always remember that you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Bad can come in many forms such as quality, quantity, and frequency.

Regarding fitness we will find out what is the best way to work out. When and how much? There are so many opinions on the subject. Is cross fit the way to go? What about marathons and the Iron man? How do I prepare for a Tuff Mudder? What are my exercise options anyway? I’m too busy to exercise. I’ll do it next year when we aren’t so busy at work. Let me tell you my friend that when you put things off, tomorrow never seems to come. You have to work a healthy lifestyle into your life as you live it TODAY. We will talk about how to do that. I hate working out, it’s boring, it’s no fun, it hurts. All will be addressed. You will find yourself working out and loving it. I guarantee it! I’ve read up on the subject, tried a lot of things, and talked to people in the industry who are breaking down walls, completely blowing away the establishment. I will reveal to you secrets on how to make exercise, or any activity that you currently don’t like, become something that you not only enjoy, but that you will actually look forward to it.

We will use psychology and sociology, physics and chemistry, evolutionary biology and anthropology to change your life. We will show you how to trick yourself into eating Broccoli and thinking it’s a freaking Krispy Kreme donut!

Seriously there are no tricks here. OK yes there are tricks here, but these tricks will get you to do the things in life you always wanted to do but put them off for one reason or another. I currently have no program to sell you, I just want to make the world a better place. But I am available for coaching, so if you like what you see here, there’s more of it where that came from.

I will talk about your career, investing, and money management. How is your job going? Do you feel that you are being promoted in a timely manner? Are you getting fair raises frequently enough to your satisfaction? If not then we have a fix for that. Are you happy with your work? Would you like to perform better, become more effective? I will talk about tools you can use to like your job more, and to improve your productivity.

Did you know that with good public speaking and presentation skills you are more likely to impress others and appear to be more intelligent and competent? What if you are interacting with a potential customer and they start asking questions and you don’t have the answers? What if you are in a meeting at work and someone tries to throw you under the bus, especially if you didn’t see it coming and are caught off-guard? Did you know that many people fear public speaking more than death itself? I have been a toastmaster for over 10 years and I can definitely help you with public speaking. I will discuss ways you can improve your speaking skills to a large audience as well as in a one on one situation. The verbal arts is a lot like the martial arts, and I can help you become a black belt Jedi master! You will learn to project more competence and confidence. In addition to my experience with Toastmasters, I have a secret weapon for vastly improving how you handle stressful situations, thinking fast on your feet, and become an amazing public speaker.

Have you invested enough for retirement? Do you know how much money is required for you to retire? At what age do you plan to retire? Have you even thought about any of this before, and if so how solid is your plan? Did a downturn in the economy eat your lunch and really make your 401K take it in the shorts? Don’t worry, you have time to recover. Even if this is the first time you are thinking about investing, there is hope. There are investment strategies we will discuss that you can take advantage of, depending on your age, projected retirement date, and financial goal. Or are you doing ok with your retirement, but you want to save up to buy a toy like a new boat or take a life-changing trip around the world? These things are within the realm of possibility, as long as you plan them right.

How is your money management? Are you still making car payments and a mortgage? Do you have credit card debt? If you have revolving debt, then shame on you! We will work on this. Are you concerned about how you can help your kids pay for college? Some people just struggle to make ends meet. We will definitely talk about how to fix personal financial issues. And you will come to find out that the same tricks I use to get you to exercise and eat well will be used to fix your financial and career issues.

We will talk about relationships and dating. This is often the major source for anxiety and depression for mid-lifers. Are you going through a divorce, or went through one recently? That can not only punch you in the gut, it can also leave you feeling completely humiliated and financially devastated. Fear not, we have this covered. You will go way beyond just getting back on your feet. You will reach a point of mastery in your life. You will be the happiest and most confident that you have ever felt, in your entire life. How? Because you will come out of this much stronger and better prepared for anything life can throw at you. You will develop resilience, grit, and emotional strength.

What if this is not your situation? What if you are happily married with no demons in your closet? you may have another set of issues to deal with. Some people grow tired being in a relationship with the same person over many years. Others are deeply in love with their spouse but find that they are drifting away from each other, and they don’t know what the hell to do about it. All these issues will be addressed in future episodes of the mid-life crisis guy podcast.

How about date night with the wife, getting away for the weekend, or surprising her with a gift or some other spontaneous thing. Maybe you tried this before, and it worked for a short time, but then you slip back into a rut. Well, you know what? The same tricks that worked for health and wealth will also work for relationships. These tricks are da boss. They are amazingly powerful. But you have to listen to upcoming episodes to get them.

What if you are completely singe, with no prospects on the horizon? You go out every weekend and come home empty handed? No matter how hard you try you can’t get a girls number. Or more specifically: you can get a number, but the women you really want just seem out of your league? Don’t think that way! That is a limiting belief. Yes, the dating scene can seem to get more challenging with mid-life, but you can be successful. There are a lot of dating coaches out there, promising you all kinds of crazy things. Some are very good at what they do, others are completely full of crap. I do believe the good ones can help some guys. However, not all guys benefit from the boot camps, seminars, and training programs. Just remember, you can’t go on a bootcamp then expect your life to be changed unless you work hard, every day, to live a better life. Be the best you that you can be. I truly believe that if you work on health, wealth, and practice some awesome relationship techniques, then success will start to come your way.

Most of the pickup artists out there do pickup as a full-time job. However most guys have a day job and we can’t manage to go out to the clubs and bars 6 days a week. Most guys don’t even go out once or twice a week. What is true for dating is true for all skills that you can learn (ala Malcolm Gladwell), you need masterful coaching, deliberate practice, and many hours of hard work before you can get good at something. I suggest you improve your life in all aspects, and the relationships will start to happen. The devil is in the details, so stay tuned for more information on how my plan to become a better person will get you the girl. It’s intuitive, makes sense. A woman will be more attracted to a guy who seems to have his act together, much more so than the opposite. Just remember that the guy can do many things to become more attractive to the woman – it’s not just about looks. Yes looks do play a part in things, but a lot less than you think. Now if you are lurking at a bar, only making eye contact at a distance, you can’t expect your personality to play a factor in things, that is unless you are with your friends having a great time. This is a complex subject, the human personality and how we handle attraction is deep. More to come on this, I have discovered a lot of tricks and tips to really make you stand out in a crowd. Remember, you don’t have to be a lot more attractive than the next guy, just a little more attractive. Sometimes the slight edge is all it takes for a win. Also imagine how much more the woman will enjoy being with you if you are fun and interesting. Working on yourself not only gets you the girl, it makes her experience with you much more rewarding. It’s a win-win.

What if you have health, wealth, and relationships handled, but you still feel meh? Forget about trying to treat problems with a pill. We can get you living a more amazing life. You can find happiness if you work at it. We will talk about how to be fun and interesting and how to be you best self. There are many things to do such as wine tasting, dance class, and learning new skills. I know because I’ve done these all before, and it works. Sometimes you need to go on an adventure. Traveling is great, but that’s not necessarily what I am talking about. Sure, travel is an adventure, you get to see new places and people, eat different food and have new and different experiences. But you can have an adventure just by staying local. Try a new restaurant, and I mean if you usually eat Italian, try Mediterranean or a Brazilian steak house for a change. Do things you don’t normally do. Take the coffee challenge and the next time you go to get your daily cup of coffee, ask for 10% off and see what happens. This works with movie tickets and all other kinds of stuff. Talk to a stranger. Sit with different people at lunch. Drive a different way home from work tomorrow. There are many ways you can mix it up to see what happens. On the podcast we will talk about many adventures I’ve had, give you some ideas, we are sure to have our own adventures.

I frequently read books. I like to take my notes and compose a summary of what I learned from the author. To make this even more effective I google around and look for other book reviews and blogs written about the book, read those reviews, and update my notes with anything that I may have missed. Ah, the power of the Internet… I will be happy to share with you my book notes. The types of books I read are non-fiction. I focus on business, finance and investing, self-help, biographies, leadership, human behavior, and many more fascinating topics that will benefit you.

In the future I plan to do interviews with people who are leaders in their field. Like-minded people who are great thinkers. I hope to get the opportunity to talk with other podcasters, book authors, influential people, who knows where this could go

Consider me a clearinghouse of information. I am an aggregator of data. A reporter. I don’t have a Ph.D in any specific field, but I stand on the shoulders of giants because I can take advantage of all the hard work of other brilliant people. So I will read about exciting new things discovered by brilliant people and share it with you. I have come a long way on my journey of learning and discovery. I hope you can benefit from what I have learned.

There’s no excuse to be ignorant in the age of the internet. Its a choice of being lazy or proactive. Beware of misinformation. Any idiot with a pc and internet access can profess to be an expert in some field or another.Who am I? Here is some background information on me. I am an engineer with 25 years of industry experience in problem solving. A significant part of my job has been to learn and understand new technologies very quickly. Often I will be confronted with a problem in a domain that I am not familiar with, and the expectations are to learn the domain and solve the problem. This always seems to happen on a tight schedule, I didn’t have a lot of time to figure things out. It’s like a game of speed chess, but without knowing the rules of chess. Management just wants results, and the faster the better. This seems to be a repeating theme.

I do well with technical problems. I have 2 degrees from an engineering university, a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. I’ve worked on satellite technology and ground stations, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and several weather satellite programs and data imaging systems.

However, I was struggling with other aspects of my life. I wanted to become a more well-rounded person, with success in all aspects of my life. So I decided to do something about it. I chose to apply my engineering skills to solve other problems. It sounds easy, but it was quite challenging, and still is to this day. I continue on this journey. Initially I did this alone, but then I decided that I would really like to share everything I learn with other people. So then I started this podcast. Come along with me on this adventure of life change. I think it will help you as much as it has helped me. Maybe we can help each other.

I love working on projects around the house, I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I look at a completed project, knowing that I did it. I also love to discover new things. In this modern age of technology, we have several sources of knowledge, which I take advantage of as often as possible. Books are the first source of information most people turn to. Think about it, someone can write down valuable life lessons in a book that you can buy for under $20, and read over a weekend. What a great way to learn from people’s mistakes and expand your knowledge base. Audio books are also an invaluable source of knowledge. I listen to them all the time while working out, going for a walk, or just doing mundane chores. And it’s great for long drives or commutes on the train.

The most revolutionary source of information in the history of mankind is the World Wide interWebs. The web is full of valuable information, and the best part is it’s searchable – that’s huge. Knowledge is great but it doesn’t do you any good if you can’t find it. Within the internet you will find YouTube, the modern version of television. There are many educational videos to be found there, just avoid the click bait.

I like talking to people. Books are great but when you can have a face to face conversation with someone, the interaction is priceless. You get to ask questions specific to the problems in your life. Mentors and coaches are a hugely valuable source of help in improving your life. Actually they are the best, but also the hardest to find. Think about it, the more successful someone is, the more important to them their time is, and the more people are trying to get their time. Imagine getting to sit and talk with Bill Gates or Warren Buffett? I’m not saying it’s impossible but let’s be honest, it’s very difficult for the average guy to have that kind of opportunity. So we reach out to the mentors and coaches that are more reachable. And we read books written by those who we can’t reach. I say attack the problem on all fronts. Do whatever it takes to become a better person and truly happy. Take advantage of all opportunities to learn and grow as a person.

So take the engineering skills, do-it-yourself attitude, fantastic resources available to us today such as books and the internet, and apply them to solve your life problems. That gets me excited. We no longer have to suffer like our ancestors often did. We have many more resources to solve our problems today than ever before. Better yet, we don’t need to just solve them, we can excel and live an extraordinary life!