I just read Ramit Sethi’s book I WILL TEACH YOU TO BE RICH. This book is very similar to Tony Robbins book MONEY, MASTER THE GAME. The difference is Ramit says about the same thing in 260 pages vs. Tony’s 700 pages. I highly recommend both books. However if you are in a rush, get Ramit’s book since you will learn about the same financial information in almost 1/3 pages. Tony is a very inspirational writer and he tells some stories that he ties into the big picture. So definitely read both, it’s worth investing in yourself.Or get the audio books and do a LOT of running. Tony’s book is over 21 hours long! smile emoticon Ramit’s book by contrast is 9 hours. I wish I got paid to promote these guys! Check them out on Audible.com (my fav audio book place)

PS. Yes I read both LOL. Tony was published in 2014 while Ramit was published in 2009. Here’s a nugget: If you are already a responsible person with low to no debt and have some money to invest, go straight to Ramit’s book chapters 6-8 and just read it and do what he says. That’s where the rubber hits the road with executing your investments – make that money work for you!