Great TED talk about habit. The rat in the maze is a great example of how we learn a skill and make it automatic. We go into autopilot when we engage in habit. This frees up our brain power to focus on other things. Great athletes learn sports skills and then go into automatic mode when they are playing. They practice techniques that are required for them to win a their sport, and perfect the technique. Using an example of basketball, techniques are dribbling down court, free throws, 3 point shots, several out-maneuvering techniques to get around someone guarding you to get closer to the net, etc. These are learned, perfected, and saved as what I like to call macros.

In computer science a macro is a subroutine of actions saved off and can be recalled with the touch of a button. They can be scripted into an automated manner and used over and over again. The power of these macros is that we can execute a complex set of actions effortlessly just by wishing it into existence. This is the ultimate in exerting our will upon the universe. And the best part about this is we all can learn to do this. In human behavior a macro is called a “habit”.

We can use habits to obtain success. Habits of working out, eating healthy, reading and learning, avoiding self defeating behavior, etc.