Goals are a metaphor for everything you do in life.
To be a good goal achiever is like being successful with everything in life.
You will see the occasional article on goals – Top 10 reasons people fail to achieve their goals or 7 funky tips to reach your goals.
The truth is there are many reasons why people fail. Each person is different, has different strengths and weaknesses, so you need to tailor your strategy based on your specifics. Some goals are well structured, like college. You have the complete path all laid out in front of you.Other goals are less structured and require a good plan and discipline. You can make a less structured goal more structured by going to a coach or enrolling in a program. – example is fitness. Learn piano or dance. Some goals are very esoteric like becoming more enlightened or to become a better person.
We can split goals into 2 types, the definite finish line and the never ending type. College definitely has a finish line, graduation. Becoming enlightened or learning piano has no end, you can perfect the skill indefinitely.
Here’s my tips to success in goal achievement:
Have grit/resiliency. Face plant, then get up, dust yourself off, and persevere.
Sometimes you have to just do it. Suck it up cupcake.
Have a vision statement is essential.
It’s OK to start out small, and know how to chunk up and down (zoom in and zoom out).
Put success habit into place – nudge.
Salami-slice and Swiss cheese the big tasks you can’t knock out in one bite.
Be adaptable but have discipline.
Have support and be accountable.