This is a bonus episode where Kevin Ledig and I discuss some points I made in prior podcasts. Kevin is an attorney and big fan of the show. He’s also my brother. He has some ideas, and we discuss them on this show. If you like this show format and want to see more editorials or guest hosts, write your ideas in the comments.

Here is a quick read on how cows are raised:
We discuss this, today – basically cows are raised by grazing on pastures for about 8 months then taken to a facility where they are in very close quarters and fed grains and other things (antibiotics and possibly steroids or other growth accelerating supplements). One of our discussion points is, I make the point that organic, grass fed cows are much more expensive to raise than conventionally grown cattle because of the resources required.

We discuss other topics. I found it interesting and fun, and will probably do more episodes with real-time editorials like this.