I went to Podcast Movement 2015 this past weekend in Ft. Worth, TX.
They had experts talking about all aspects of podcasting such as content creation, technically how to produce podcasts, marketing, and monetization among many others.
Traveling is a good thing, it gives you new experiences and perspective on life.
Participate in events that are related to your interests and/or business.
Networking with people in your interest area is key to growth. Share what you know and learn tips that can save you time and resources.
Meet new people, make friends, establish new working relationship.
Take courses, seminars, watch talks given by leaders in the field.
Have some fun.
Salsa congress is a big party where you get to see bands play, dance with the best in the world, and see performances.
Invest in yourself by going to a seminar, workshop, or conference.
Make it your vacation for the year, except this will offer a return on your investment (over strictly vacations).
Interview with Victoria as recorded at the podcast event.