Hello! My name is Harneet Bhalla and I am a digital marketing strategic consultant.

It would be really difficult for me to state a definitive moment at which digital marketing got my attention. As long as I can remember digital marketing always captivated me. While still in school I got my hands on my computer for the very first time. I was so curious to find out what made that system work that without considering that the computer is priced possession, later that day I opened it and dismantled every component. That’s how curious I am to find why of everything.


Marketing Consulting – Marketing Coaching – Digital Marketing – Marketing Speaker

Are you able to consistently grow your business using Digital Marketing?

If NOT, I can help. I am known for helping my clients multiply their business growth by implementing high performance marketing strategies. These strategies result in making the clients thousands & sometimes millions in additional revenue & become an authority in the market, so I am confident I can help YOU.


– How to Generate a Steady Flow of Highly Targeted Leads
– How to Plan a Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business Consistently
– How to Setup your Marketing Funnel to Attract High Paying Clients
– How to Get 5X More Referrals From Your Existing Clients
– How to Find your Audience & Connect with them Using Content Marketing
– How to Use Social Media Marketing to Get New Customers/Clients Regularly
– How to Build a Personal Brand that Pays from Scratch
– How to Position Yourself as an Authority in your Market
– How to Multiple Your Online Business Growth Quickly by Growth Hacking
– How to Get PR Being Featured in the Media (Podcasts, Blogs, Print, TV)
– Much more…


Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Consultants, Authors, Personal Brands, Small – Medium Businesses

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I am a marketing consultant, coach & speaker. My passion is to help people establish and scale their online businesses.

Specialties: entrepreneur | start-ups | digital marketing consulting | digital marketing training | online marketing | branding & positioning | scaling online businesses | internet marketing | marketing seminars | marketing speaker | marketing advice | social media marketing | lead generation | marketing expert | marketing funnels | leadership development | email marketing | public speaking