People who practice gratitude have less heart disease.

Gratitude reduces depression, anxiety, anger and sadness.

After eating a large Thanksgiving dinner, rather than taking a nap, go for a walk. Walk with other people where you can keep each other company and connect. If walking alone, listen to podcasts and audio books. Load the apps on your smartphone, download the content at home on wifi, and go walking with ear buds or headphones. The average audio book is 7 hours but they range from 5 to 20 hours.

Helpful apps for increasing your knowledge and entertaining you during running/walking:
Podcast app – beyond pod
Audio book app: Audible
Voice recording app: Smart Recorder app
Note taking app that syncs: Evernote
Streaming Internet Radio: TuneIn Radio

Use the time to think outside the box. I just saw a video on Facebook where people are going down the side of a snowy mountain in kayaks.

I saw Waleed Aly talking on a Facebook video this week about how ISIL (ISIS) wants us to react to the Paris attacks last week.  He made an excellent point that they want non-Muslims to react negatively against Muslims. He said ISIL wants to split the world into 2 groups, the Muslims and everyone else. What this does is force moderate Muslims towards the militant ones. If the rest of the world rejects them and goes against them, then the moderates have no choice. Also I feel that anti-Muslim sentiment can cause borderline Muslims to make the decision to support the extremists.

The worst thing we can do is go against peaceful moderates. If we do this then the terrorists win. Don’t give them this power. I can understand how people can get angry and react to incidence such as the terrorist attacks. It’s a natural reaction. But we need to let logic prevail. Knee-jerk reactions only end up causing us to make bad decisions.