This is a reality TV series short pilot (sizzle reel) filmed in Melbourne FL around the 2010 time frame. I just resurrected the video and converted it / uploaded to YouTube for the first time. We had a great idea but unfortunately we got scooped, Nat Geo’s Rocket City Rednecks looks suspiciously similar, I mean ridiculously similar, to our show and it came out right after we were done with our project. The short lived series Dream Machines we assume also stole our ideas because they pimp cars out and it was also filmed in Melbourne, FL. It’s not like Melbourne is LA. Not too many shows get filmed in Melbourne, FL.

I just wanted to share this because it was an awesome experience for me. I got to see behind the scenes in the filming of a TV show, and also participated. I played the character “Pee Wee” (long story, I built an electric bike and rode it to the show). It was the big break that never happened. We were totally bummed out when our show never made it. There’s a lot of hysterical drama that happened behind the scenes, it would have made for fantastic reality TV. For one thing, one of our characters, from what I hear, is now cross gender. Also, the machine shop owner and his co-owner got into a huge fight because one was embezzling from the other. You can’t make this stuff up.

I have a lot of b-roll video and I would like to make a sort of series on YouTube with it. It would have to be explicit, because you get to see what you have here and more (worse). Let’s just say we are really politically incorrect. And hilarious. If anyone knows some Hollywood producers who could help pull this gem out of the trashcan, please let me know. Anyhow – enjoy.

Parental Advisory, explicit content.