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804, 2018

Patrick Kenger, Founder Of PIVOT – 125

April 8th, 2018|

Do you pay attention to how you look? You don't get a second chance to make a first impression. -How to find and develop your own style and personal brand. -Why it's important to have a "sense of occasion" in the world now. -How to structure your online presence. -First Impressions and what they mean to your success. -The power of color on psychology. -How style [...]

2203, 2018

Facebook Shenanigans – 124

March 22nd, 2018|

In the light of recent events I felt compelled to discuss the subject of Facebook. I don't meant to single out Facebook specifically. However this is the right time to talk about how great power in technology can influence our lives. I read the book: The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google by NYU Stern marketing professor Scott Galloway Facebook claims to [...]

1403, 2018

Should You Trust Your Gut ? – 123

March 14th, 2018|

Should you trust your gut? The short answer is yes and no. It depends. Google search "trust your gut" vs. "don't trust your gut" A gut reaction is your subconscious mind pattern matching. The problem is that you can't control what your subconscious absorbs. Often as we read fiction and watch movies and TV, we absorb inaccurate data. Also when we read fake news or fall [...]

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